Summer 2018

Work Days: July 9-12 South Padre Island Beach Day July 13

We will leave the team house each morning around 7:00 am,  returning  roughly around 3:00 pm to avoid the late afternoon heat. You WILL need a passport to cross back into the United States.

All volunteers stay at the mission team house in Progreso Lakes, Texas - just minutes from the border and regularly patrolled by US border guards. It is on a small lake where beauty and nature abound. Evening walks and time in the kayak are just a few of the ways to enjoy time after dinner and devotionals

Breakfast and dinner are provided by PCFP. Breakfast is usually a do it yourself coffee and toaster item, while dinner is on a grander scale. Lunch is often provided to us by the locals who we are serving. Our contact and co worker in Texas buy the items in McAllen and then the food is prepared by Marta who lives across from the PCFP clinic in Reynosa. Our only planned dinner out will be on Beach Day at South Padre Island.

The cost of the trip this year is $250.00. This covers our breakfast and dinner for the week, lodging at the team house, as well as contributing to medical supplies purchased and used in the PCFP clinic. 

Immigrant Processing Center - Wednesday @ 9:00 am

This year PCFP is fortunate enough to be sending one full day at the immigration holding center in Reynosa run by the pastor from Haiti. what a privilege it was to serve those from south American countries in 2014, and an honor to do so again. Most are women with their young children. PCFP will be bringing toys, shoes and clothing for those being held, as well as food for the facility. It is difficult to manage this number of people, much less feeding them. 

Bridge Visit - day unknow

Many of those coming from other countries are living on the bridges between Mexico and the US. This is because the US facilities are full and they have no where to go but exist on the bridges. They have no food or water, and only the clothes on their backs. Bathing and drinking is done from the bridge water fountains. We will drive and walk along the bridge to hand out supplies, for these are tired, hungry people. Worn and beaten down emotionally, PCFP will do our best to come to their aid.

Remote Location - Monday and Tuesday @ 9:00 am

We will be returning to the area we first visited in January where we encountered much need. Our doctors will treat those who are ill or need medications while we hand out clothing, beans, rice, dog food, and do minor repairs on their "homes".

Cook Out! - Thursday at 9:00 am

Now a neighborhood tradition, on Thursday we will hold our annual cookout. We will begin the morning with a medical clinic in the PCFP owned Reynosa clinic, while serving those needing clothing and food. Around 10:30 we will fire up the grill and begin grilling the hotdogs. Potato chips and lemonade as well, will be handed out to all. 

Nursing Home - day unknown

While nursing homes are present in great numbers in the US, in Mexico they are a rarity. The people of Mexico take care of their elderly within the home. But many have family far away and must be placed in the home in Rio Bravo. We always delight in paying a visit, bringing needed items, costume jewelry for the ladies, and dancing via wheelchair with a few of the women! We usually spend around and hour in the "Calm House" before heading back to the team house.