Our work in oklahoma

Medical Support


PCFP provides wheelchairs, walkers, shower chairs, and other necessary medical supplies to the elderly and hospice patients who need these items to have a better quality of life. 

Medicare only provides one piece of medical equipment, and most need multiple items. Through our partnership with OU Health Sciences Center and many hospice and home health organizations, we are able to meet their needs. 

The recourses mentioned not only provide us with donated equipment, they also connect PCFP with patients in need. We in turn deliver all needed items to the patient, free of charge. Over the years, countless hospital beds, walkers, electric scooters and other items have been donated to the sick and dying. 

Emergency Needs


Donated items such as furniture in good condition, appliances, kitchen items, dinnerware, bedding, and clothing are given to those who are in emergency situations. 

In the past these have been  women fleeing abusive situations, families who have been burned out of their homes.  We have also been contacted by the Homeless Alliance, the American Red Cross, and the Oklahoma City Police Department with names of families who have unmet needs. Many names we have received form the police department are men and women who have moved into housing, needing furniture.  Some may be looking for a job. PCFP has provided appropriate clothing to so many who need to look nice for job interviews, even if it is at McDonald's. We have followed through not only with the interview clothing, but with enough clothes to get them through the summer and winter months.

We have collected over 1,000 blankets this past year and when fall arrives, we will be hitting the streets of Oklahoma City to distribute to those who sleep outside on cold, winter nights. 

Feeding the Hungry


PCFP provides food to the hungry via a small food bank, and partners with LoveStreet Ministries to provide a weekly Wednesday night worship service and dinner to the homeless and poor. We also serve a Sunday breakfast followed by worship, and a large  lunch served afterwards. 

This fall we will begin feeding on Thursday nights near N.W. 10th and Pennsylvania at a men and women's rehabilitation facility. What joy to help those who are trying to help themselves by recovering from the trials of drug and alcohol addictions. 

PCFP always welcomes donations of food items for our pantry. We accept in date canned goods, and frozen items such as hams, turkeys, bacon and lunch meats.