How You Can Help…

Many in our OKC community are still struggling.  Current needs are…

Acetaminophen and ibuprofen-both children and adult
Vitamins-both children and adult-not gel or gummy type as they melt
Lubricant eye drops for the dusty landscape and smoke from burning trash
Cold and cough medicine-both children and adult
Topical skin cream for anti fungus, anti biotic and anti itch
Hydrocortisone cream
Female yeast medication
Feminine hygiene pads
Toiletries to include shampoo, soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste

Our Oklahoma City warehouse stores items given to meet emergency needs in the greater Oklahoma City and surrounding communities. Our current inventory os VERY LOW as we have bee n busy the last  few weeks delivering to so many in need. We are currently in need of furniture and mattresses if you happen to have any or are considering purchasing new items. We will pick up the items from your home. Currently we are in desperate need of:

Mattresses – twin and full size

Major kitchen appliances – refrigerators and washer/dryers

Foot pedals for wheelchairs – we have many wheelchairs, but NO foot pedals!

Dishes, pots and pans


Our Team House used for housing volunteers doing mission work in south Texas and Mexico is in desperate need of a new roof. We have a major leak on the interior of the home, and are fearful of mold forming, causing in more damage. Our insurance has been canceled until we are able to replace the existing roof. We are seeking donations designated for the purchase of composite shingles for the Team House. Or, if you know of a roofing company that might donate shingles and new plywood for the rotted areas, please pass along our need to them. PCFP focuses using funds to go towards serving others, and would covet the donation of roofing material. If you are able to help us in any way, we are most grateful.


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